Reassess Your Retirement Assumptions

Open a Janus IRA.

Back in 1991, nearly half of all American workers planned to retire by age 65. Today, only 24% do.

Clearly, today’s workers are uncertain about what retirement will bring. While there’s no easy answer, there are important steps you can take to add more certainty to your future financial independence.

Take action below and gain confidence in how you’re saving for retirement.

Open an IRA.

Lay the groundwork for a financially secure retirement and start saving in an IRA account today.


Contribute to my IRA.

A maximum contribution each year can change what your savings look like when you retire. Contribute now.

Roll over or transfer.

Rolling over an old 401k or transferring an IRA to Janus can help keep you in control of your investing strategy. Call 800.379.7603 to speak to a Janus Rollover Specialist and start your Direct Rollover today.


Enroll in automatic investments.

Janus' Automatic Investment Program is an easy way to automatically maximize your annual IRA contribution. You choose how much and when to invest. Janus does the rest. Start an automatic investment today.