Moving Assets to Janus

Whether you’re transferring an IRA to Janus or want to rollover an old 401(k), we are here to help.

You can migrate almost any type of account to Janus. The account type, destination and how the money is sent will determine which process you should use.

What do you want to do?

Choose the situation that fits you. You can also call a Janus Representative at 800.379.7603 for help determining which method of moving assets may work best for you.

I want to roll over a previous employer's retirement plan.

In many cases, Janus does not require you to fill out a form to complete a rollover. To determine if you need to submit a direct rollover form, call a Janus Representative at 800.379.7603. We can take instructions over the phone or help you learn more about the direct rollover process.

There are two ways to initiate the rollover process:



I want to move an IRA from another firm to Janus.

There are two ways to move your IRA to Janus: a rollover or an asset transfer. The differences between the two come down to what’s reported to the IRS and who handles the checks.

In a rollover, assets are withdrawn from the IRA you want to transfer as a distribution and later purchased into the Janus IRA as a rollover purchase. Rollovers are tax reportable, but if the rollover is completed within 60 days of receiving the assets, the distribution is not subject to income tax or penalties. However, the IRS only allows investors one rollover per each 12-month period.

Asset transfers or trustee-to-trustee transfers are not tax reportable and can be accomplished with the Janus IRA Transfer Form. Complete the form, send it back to us and we will take care of the rest. Your funds will be transferred from your existing IRA directly into a Janus IRA and there is no tax reporting required. Learn more about the IRA transfer process or fill out the IRA transfer form today.

Have questions about a rollover? Call a Janus Retirement Specialist at 800.525.1093.


I want to transfer my Janus fund from a taxable brokerage account to Janus.

If you already own Janus mutual fund shares in a taxable account held at another company, you can move them to Janus through a share class conversion to our Direct (D) share class.

This process moves your existing Janus mutual fund shares directly to Janus without creating a taxable event for you.

Move your mutual fund shares to Janus today. Just download, complete and send us the Janus Share Class Conversion Form.


I want to move a Coverdell Education Savings Account to Janus.

Moving or transferring a Coverdell Education Savings Account (ESA) to Janus is easy. You’ll just need to download and complete the ESA transfer form and send it to Janus.

You may need to contact the firm that holds your existing ESA to see if it has any special transfer requirements.

After you send the transfer form to us, we will request the transfer and notify you once the assets have arrived. You can learn more about the Coverdell Education Savings Account or download the transfer form.


Contact a Janus Representative

Our Janus Representatives will answer your questions and assist you through the movement of assets process. We are available at 800.379.7603 weekdays 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST.