Investment Perspectives

The Janus team of investment experts looks globally to discover new opportunities. Read insights on specific investment issues, our research process, and ideas that fuel our decisions.



A new era of health care innovation looms on the horizon. Andy Acker, Portfolio Manager of the Janus Global Life Sciences Fund, explains what innovations lie ahead.

Time to Invest in Change

investment perspectives

Time to Invest in Change

European companies are making changes, along with pharmaceuticals and airlines. Find out how a slow-growth economy can affect the way you invest in equities.

Watching for

Market Volatility

Watching for "Tail Events"

Today's tumultuous markets may be exposing shortcomings in the traditional models of asset allocation. We asked Ashwin Alankar, Janus Global Head of Asset Allocation and Risk Management, about his approach to anticipating big market moves and how it may help investors minimize downturns and capitalize on rallies.

Finding Income

Bond Market Update

Finding Income

Seth Meyer, CFA®, lead portfolio manager for the Janus Multi-Sector Income Fund, provides insights into the current climate for fixed income investors and discusses how his Fund seeks high-income opportunities while mitigating potential risks. Read this recent interview and learn more about the state of the bond market.

Active Approaches to Equities

Investing Philosophy

Active Approaches to Equities

Active management enables portfolio managers to have the flexibility to add value to client portfolios by making tough decisions based on fundamental research.