As of 4/27/2017
As of 4/27/2017
Featured Funds
INTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundUS Fund Diversified Emerging Mkts$10.14-$0.07-0.69%12.79%10.37%1.28%
INTECH International Managed Volatility FundUS Fund Foreign Large Growth$8.12-$0.02-0.25%11.69%1.17%1.10%
INTECH U.S. Core FundUS Fund Large Growth$19.77$0.010.05%8.09%0.79%0.79%
INTECH U.S. Managed Volatility FundUS Fund Large Blend$10.26$0.020.20%7.32%0.83%0.83%
Janus Adaptive Global Allocation FundUS Fund World Allocation$10.34-$0.01-0.10%6.05%2.70%1.19%
Janus Asia Equity FundUS Fund Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk$10.49$0.020.19%18.13%3.38%1.46%
Janus Contrarian FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Blend$19.94-$0.10-0.50%2.84%0.70%0.70%
Janus Diversified Alternatives FundUS Fund Multialternative$10.20$0.020.20%1.69%1.82%1.42%
Janus Emerging Markets FundUS Fund Diversified Emerging Mkts$9.16-$0.01-0.11%15.08%1.73%1.51%
Janus Enterprise FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Growth$103.94$0.440.43%9.66%0.84%0.84%
Janus Flexible Bond FundUS Fund Intermediate-Term Bond$10.36$0.000.01%1.62%0.60%0.60%
Janus Forty FundUS Fund Large Growth$29.47$0.230.79%14.00%0.85%0.85%
Janus FundUS Fund Large Growth$36.28$0.200.55%13.02%0.73%0.73%
Janus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeUS Fund World Allocation$12.53$0.000.00%5.03%0.96%0.96%
Janus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthUS Fund World Allocation$13.74$0.000.00%7.76%1.05%1.05%
Janus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateUS Fund World Allocation$12.94$0.000.00%6.41%1.02%1.01%
Janus Global Bond FundUS Fund World Bond$9.39$0.000.00%2.48%0.93%0.75%
Janus Global Life Sciences FundUS Fund Health$51.61$0.290.57%14.06%0.84%0.84%
Janus Global Real Estate FundUS Fund Global Real Estate$10.90$0.030.28%7.14%1.08%1.08%
Janus Global Research FundUS Fund World Stock$69.61$0.080.12%11.36%0.78%0.78%
Janus Global Select FundUS Fund World Stock$14.46-$0.01-0.07%11.66%0.88%0.88%
Janus Global Technology FundUS Fund Technology$27.26$0.281.04%18.47%0.88%0.88%
Janus Global Unconstrained Bond FundUS Fund Nontraditional Bond$9.62$0.010.11%1.07%1.02%1.00%
Janus Government Money Market FundUS Fund Money Market - Taxable$1.00$0.000.00%0.01%0.68%0.68%
Janus Growth and Income FundUS Fund Large Blend$48.59$0.060.12%6.70%0.79%0.79%
Janus High-Yield FundUS Fund High Yield Bond$8.54$0.000.02%3.02%0.78%0.78%
Janus Money Market FundUS Fund Money Market - Taxable$1.00$0.000.00%0.06%0.67%0.67%
Janus Overseas FundUS Fund Foreign Large Blend$29.03$0.010.03%14.79%0.58%0.58%
Janus Real Return FundUS Fund High Yield Bond$9.52$0.000.01%1.43%1.68%0.56%
Janus Short-Term Bond FundUS Fund Short-Term Bond$3.03$0.000.00%0.82%0.76%0.63%
Janus Triton FundUS Fund Small Growth$26.20$0.150.58%10.36%0.83%0.83%
Janus Twenty FundUS Fund Large Growth$60.02$0.380.64%10.81%0.70%0.70%
Janus Venture FundUS Fund Small Growth$71.65$0.370.52%9.41%0.82%0.82%
Perkins Global Value FundUS Fund World Stock$14.10-$0.02-0.14%7.14%0.82%0.82%
Perkins International Value FundUS Fund Foreign Large Value$10.71-$0.01-0.09%10.07%2.48%1.02%
Perkins Large Cap Value FundUS Fund Large Value$16.07-$0.02-0.12%4.28%0.81%0.75%
Perkins Mid Cap Value FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Value$17.24-$0.01-0.06%4.61%0.53%0.53%
Perkins Select Value FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Blend$13.54-$0.02-0.15%4.07%1.00%0.77%
Perkins Value Plus Income FundUS Funds Allocation-50% to 70% Equity$11.60$0.000.00%2.87%1.31%0.83%

Returns quoted are past performance and do not guarantee future results; current performance may be lower or higher. Investment returns and principal value will vary; there may be a gain or loss when shares are sold.

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Effective March 30, 2017, Janus International Equity Fund was liquidated. (View the Fund's prospectus.)