Janus Flexible Bond Fund (JANFX)
25+ Years of Fundamental Fixed Income Investing


Who Should Consider This Fund?

Investors looking for a core fixed income fund that can serve as a portfolio anchor. The Fund has the flexibility to alter its approach to take advantage of market conditions while seeking risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation.

Asset ClassFixed Income
Share Class D
target risk conservative

Funds are placed on the risk tolerance spectrum to demonstrate the wide spectrum of risk levels among asset classes in which they are expected to typically invest. The spectrum is for informational purposes only, is not intended to be forward looking and is subject to change. 


Distribution Yield at NAV (As of 3/31/17)

30 Day SEC Yield (As of 3/31/17)
with waivers
without waivers

Distribution FrequencyMonthly
Fund Facts
Inception Date7/7/1987
NAV (As of 4/27/17)$10.36
Daily NAV Change$0.00
Daily NAV % Change0.01%
Total Net Assets (As of 3/31/17)$8.74B
Annual Expense Ratio
(As of fiscal year end 6/30/16)
GROSS 0.60%
NET 0.60%
Morningstar Fee Level
(As of 3/31/17)
Fee Level Group
(out of 231 funds)
Intermediate-Term Bond No Load

Net expense ratios reflect the expense waiver, if any, Janus Capital has contractually agreed to through 11/1/17.

Morningstar (As of 3/31/17)
CategoryUS Fund Intermediate-Term Bond
Overall Rating™
(Based on risk-adjusted returns)
851 Funds Rated
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Fixed Income
Style Box
Performance (As of 3/31/17)
YTD (As of 4/27/17) 1.62%
1 Year 1.31%
3 Year 2.18%
5 Year 2.82%
10 Year 5.35%

Returns quoted are past performance and do not guarantee future results; current performance may be lower or higher. Investment returns and principal value will vary; there may be a gain or loss when shares are sold. For the most recent month-end performance click here.

Returns greater than one year are annualized.

Client Commitment

This dynamic core bond fund leverages a bottom-up, fundamentally driven investment process designed to generate risk-adjusted outperformance and capital preservation. Throughout its 25+ year history, the fund has utilized an active and flexible approach to manage across a variety of market and rate cycles.

Fund Overview

Data as of 3/31/17

TOP HOLDINGS (% of Fund)

United States Treasury Note/Bond , 2.88%, 11/15/2046 3.56
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 2.00%, 11/15/2026 3.35
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 1.12%, 02/28/2021 1.75
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 1.25%, 03/31/2021 1.69
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 2.25%, 02/15/2027 1.57
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 2.12%, 02/29/2024 1.08
BellSouth LLC , 4.40%, 04/26/2017 1.06
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 3.62%, 02/15/2044 0.81
United States Treasury Note/Bond , 1.12%, 02/28/2019 0.77
Fannie Mae Pool , 4.50%, 05/01/2044 0.70


US Preferred Stock 1.01
Credit-Investment Grade 38.29
MBS 24.96
Treasuries 16.70
Credit-High Yield 7.13
Bank Loans 5.22
ABS 3.28
CMBS 2.91
Cash & Equivalents 0.50

Why Invest in the Fund


By emphasizing risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation, the fund can serve as a foundation for a fixed income portfolio. The strategy uses a bottom-up, fundamentally driven investment process that seeks to identify the best opportunities across fixed income sectors, including up to 35% high-yield.


Partnership and fluid communication between fixed income and equity analysts promote idea generation. Credit research emphasizes free cash flow generation, quality of management and security valuation.


Our proprietary fixed income portfolio and risk-management system, Quantum Global, is integrated into the investment process at each step. We identify and measure the sources of risk in the portfolio at multiple levels to confirm that the portfolio is positioned as intended.


Darrell Watters

Darrell Watters

Fund Manager since 2007
Industry since 1986

Mayur Saigal

Mayur Saigal

Fund Manager since 2015
Industry since 2002

Micheal Keough

Michael Keough

Fund Manager since 2015
Industry since 2006