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Gibson Smith, Janus Fixed Income CIO, talks to CNBC about his top concern in the fixed income market.

Fortune: Invest

Andy Acker, PM of the Janus Global Life Sciences Fund, discusses his views in Fortune's article "The Science of Making Money in Biotech." (3/15/2015)

Perkins Small Cap Value Fund is “open with improving prospects.” –Morningstar (1/13/2015)

Janus Balanced Fund

Thomas Reuters Lipper Fund Award 2015 United States
Named Best Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate Fund over ten years (Class D Shares)*
Overall Morningstar Rating™
(as of 06/30/2015), Class D Shares, among 815 Moderate Allocation Funds.


One Decision, Many Potential Benefits

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Automatic investing is one of the simplest—and most powerful—investment strategies you can use to impact your financial future. Consistent investing over 5, 10 or 20 years can make a big difference towards any investment goal.