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Can volatility be a source of reward? INTECH CEO Adrian Banner talks to Bloomberg TV about his strategic approach to volatility management.

Janus Portfolio Manager Brian Demain talks to Barron's on how doing the right research can help uncover stocks poised for long-term capital appreciation.

Janus Balanced Fund

Thomas Reuters Lipper Fund Award 2015 United States
Named Best Mixed-Asset Target Allocation Moderate Fund over ten years (Class D Shares)*
Overall Morningstar Rating™
(as of 08/31/2016), Class D Shares, among 829 Allocation-50% to 70% Equity Funds.


Strategies for Managing Market Volatility

Volatility graphicVolatility is inherent in investing and affects all investors in different ways. Learn how a well-thought-out strategy and disciplined investment plan can help investors avoid impulse or emotional reactions when markets are in flux.