VNLA – Janus Short Duration Income ETF (VNLA)

Seeking Attractive Returns and Steady Income


Pricing Data (As of market close 04/28/17)
Closing Market Price$50.18
Bid/Ask Midpoint$50.18
Day High$50.19
Day Low$50.17
Trading Volume (Shares)16,340
Premium/Discount (%)0.02%
Shares Outstanding1.00M
Yield & Expenses

Distribution Yield at NAV
(As of 03/31/2017)

30 Day SEC Yield
(As of 3/31/17)
Distribution FrequencyMonthly
Total Net Assets
(As of 4/28/17)
Annual Expense Ratio
GROSS 0.35%
NET 0.35%
Fund Details
Inception Date 11/16/2016
CUSIP 47103U886
Morningstar (As of 03/31/2017)
US Fund World Bond
Intraday Value (IOPV) VNLAIV
Exchange NYSE
Primary Benchmark 3-Month USD LIBOR

ETF Objective

Janus Short Duration Income ETF (VNLA) seeks to provide a steady income stream with capital preservation across various market cycles. The Fund seeks to consistently outperform the LIBOR 3-month rate by a moderate amount through various market cycles while at the same time providing low volatility.


Janus Short Duration Income ETF is an actively managed fixed income ETF with the potential to deliver returns above cash. The strategy seeks to provide a steady income stream with low volatility and capital preservation across economic cycles. Rather than tracking a benchmark, the Fund is designed to move beyond conventional constraints and provide positive absolute returns. The strategy can also act as a traditional fixed income diversifier and potentially reduce risk in an investor’s portfolio.

Why Invest in VNLA

Seeks Attractive Returns Above Cash

The strategy combines an actively managed core portfolio of predominantly high quality investment grade fixed income assets, diversified across sectors and geographies, with high conviction tactical trades. We target positive, absolute returns by seeking to select fixed-income instruments that can provide a return of 2% to 3% above 3-Month USD LIBOR (a proxy for cash), while aiming to preserve capital.

Low Volatility Approach

We seek to provide an uncorrelated return profile to traditional fixed income that focuses on downside mitigation. Our low-volatility approach means investors may consider the strategy as an alternative to single sector and fixed-term passive options or as a way to put cash to work for potentially higher yield.

Nimble and Flexible

The team applies its experience in absolute return bond investing to seek out value and return potential in different market environments. We are free to take advantage of unique opportunities within countries and sectors that may be overlooked or underrepresented in market indices.


Nick Maroutsos

Nick Maroutsos

Portfolio Manager since 2016
Industry since 1999

Dan Kozlowski

Daniel Siluk

Portfolio Manager since 2016
Industry since 2003