About Us

Over 40 years of disciplined independence supported by in-depth, fundamental research to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Janus Capital Group

Janus Capital Group consistently demonstrates global investment excellence to help deliver better outcomes for our clients.

Based in Denver, Colorado, we value disciplined and independent thinking, and help our clients achieve their goals by offering unique global solutions from three independent investment firms, Janus, Perkins and INTECH.

With 17 offices across the US, Europe and Asia, we have over 1,100 highly-experienced investment and client servicing professionals who are responsible equity and fixed income assets on both a regional and global basis.

Janus Capital Group provides resources, strength and stability across our asset management firms so they can focus on investing and our clients can rely on us to be a trusted partner over the long term. Each firm brings a unique perspective with focused investment expertise across differentiated approaches and solutions from a range of asset classes including growth, core and value equities, fixed income, and mathematical investing.

  • All have been developed and enhanced over decades
  • Each of our managers brings a distinct perspective with a focused expertise
  • All have delivered solid returns for our clients

We strengthen underpin our investment excellence with by providing the highest levels of client servicing and support. We work with our clients in their local markets, through a network of regional offices, with a full understanding of the legal, trading and regulatory challenges you may face.


  • Focus on unconstrained, fundamental research
  • Shared research focus between fixed income and equity teams
  • Start with research, not with benchmark
  • Create a differentiated view that allows us to invest with conviction
  • Disciplined portfolio construction
  • Risk management designed to maximize our strengths in security selection and portfolio construction
  • Culture of collaboration and debate

Unlike Other Fundamental Managers, We Start With Research - Not The Benchmark.

The rigor of our research platform is the key differentiating factor for Janus. It has enabled us to capitalize on opportunities and deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

Janus Equity

For over 40 years, our intensive proprietary fundamental research has sought to determine if a company is creating or undermining shareholder value. Our goal is to identify strong businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and improving returns on capital.

We begin by trying to gain an information edge: uncovering opportunities not broadly recognized by the market. By combining quantitative rigor with qualitative scrutiny, our research approach provides a 360° perspective of a company's financial strength, growth prospects, and valuation.

We are not afraid to hold non-consensus views but combine this with disciplined risk management to build risk aware portfolios that focus on alpha generation for clients.

Janus Fixed Income

For more than 25 years, Janus' dedicated fixed-income team has offered portfolios with a proven track record using our expertise in individual security selection within corporate credit and rigorous risk-management. Janus searches for opportunity to protect shareholder capital and does not hesitate to deviate from the index to deliver the investment experience one might expect in a core fixed income allocation.

World-Class Insights Based On A Time-Tested Approach

We apply a unique, time-tested approach to fixed income investing to help us deliver the highest level of capital preservation for our clients. Our bottom-up, investment process focuses on credit-oriented investments to generate superior risk-adjusted performance over time. We developed our own proprietary risk-management system, Quantum, to meet the specific requirements of this approach and deliver world-class insights. Unlike other bond managers, our fixed income team works in close collaboration with our equity team, sharing research and exchanging ideas to ensure a more holistic market view. The strong partnership and fluid communication between these two teams results a more complete picture of investment opportunities, helping to drive better outcomes for our clients.