We believe that buying high quality growth franchises with sustainable, projected above-average earnings growth for the next five-plus years and a market leadership position driven by a clearly articulated strategy should allow us to outperform the benchmark and peers over the long-term. We perform in-depth, fundamental research to build a diversified, moderately positioned portfolio aiming to deliver peer and index-beating returns while managing for risk and volatility.

Investment Approach

1 Research Driven Approach with a 45+ Year History: Fundamental, research-driven approach to large cap growth equities emphasizing high quality companies with sustainable and above average earnings growth for five-plus years.
2 Seeks Dominant Growth Companies: Invests in companies in attractive industries that are dominating their competitive landscape driven by a strong management team with a clearly articulated strategy.
3 Focus on Consistency: Seeks risk-adjusted returns with consistency over full market cycles by focusing on stock selection and prudent management of portfolio-level risks.


Past performance cannot guarantee future results. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal and fluctuation of value. Returns greater than one year are annualized. Returns are expressed in U.S. dollars. Composite returns are net of transaction costs and gross of non-reclaimable withholding taxes, if any, and reflect the reinvestment of dividends and other earnings.

The gross performance results presented do not reflect the deduction of investment advisory fees and returns will be reduced by such advisory fees and other contractual expenses as described in the individual contract and Form ADV Part 2A.

Net performance results do not reflect the deduction of investment advisory fees actually charged to the accounts in the composite but they do reflect the deduction of model investment advisory fees based on the maximum fixed fee rate in effect for the respective time period. Actual advisory fees may vary among clients invested in the strategy shown and may be higher or lower than model advisory fees. Composites may include accounts with performance-based fees. Returns for each client will be reduced by such fees and expenses as negotiated in any client contract as discussed in Form ADV Part 2A.

For a complete list of holdings as of the most recently available disclosure period, contact us.

Prior to 2008, net returns shown are net of all fees and expenses.