Stocks Rally as Confidence Returns

Spring 2017 Ski Report: Janus Equity Outlook

We're happy to be away from the consensus views of crowds. And on winter weekends, we’re happier yet to be in the heart of ski country. In our regular equity outlook, we combine investing and skiing to map the current market terrain. Like a ski day, markets offer a mixture of riskier paths and easier ones. We'll point out the positive and negative themes driving equities, and tips to navigate those themes more effectively.

The Black Runs

Black runs are themes that present key risks to equity markets. Be careful and alert before proceeding.

black diamond bullet

Market noise escalates

Uncertainty under the new administration

black diamond bullet

The dollar rises

The challenge of an increasingly strong greenback

black diamond bullet


Not popular with every sector

Blue Runs

The Blue Runs

The blue runs highlight issues that are less dangerous, but not without pitfalls. These are attractive runs but proceed with care.

blue bullet

Financials rebound

Bank profits are starting to rise but still face challenges

blue bullet

Uncertainty in Europe

Corporate balance sheets have improved but political risks remain

blue bullet

Yields rise

A stronger economy means challenges for yield-driven investors

Green Runs

The Green Runs

Green runs signal easier paths, but watch for crowds and stay away from the pack.

green bullet

Flight to safety ends

Defensive stocks sell off and risk-taking returns to the market

green bullet

The outlook for the U.S. economy improves

The new administration and expectations for additional Federal Reserve (Fed) rate hikesboost confidence

green bullet

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) continue

A good time to own growth stocks

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