The Janus Foundation

Here at Janus, we believe the path to a better world starts at home. As such, we’ve fostered a corporate culture of social awareness and volunteerism among our own employees and operate a charitable foundation that has enabled Janus to extend its philanthropic reach to thousands of deserving organizations and communities nationwide.

Dedicated to Education

The Janus Foundation was formed in 1994 as the primary charitable giving arm of Janus. Steeped in its history is a dedication to education. In its origins, the Foundation offered the promise of four-year college scholarships to select at-risk youth who were identified in the eighth grade. The Foundation's objective was to motivate these students to pursue their dreams of a college education. It then awarded the scholarships to all students who met predetermined criteria by the conclusion of their senior year.

Creating a Local Legacy

Always evaluating the efficacy of its giving, in 2007 the Foundation determined that a substantial investment in one specific area of need in our world headquarters community, Denver, CO, could make a greater and more positive impact. Keeping our historical tie to education, the Foundation now allocates more than half of its charitable funds annually to initiatives and programs aimed at developing high-quality teachers and successful students in the Denver Public School District.

Janus believes that this type of focused giving enables us to have a greater, more positive impact on Denver's schools, its students and the community.  Through this targeted approach, the Foundation is able to fund innovative, ground-breaking work that allows us to act locally, but influence nationally. As such, the Janus Foundation awarded a $3 million, three-year grant to Denver Public Schools in 2008 and another $2.1 million, three-year grant to the school district in 2012. Denver Public Schools has invested this money in the development of programs designed to increase teacher effectiveness, improve student outcomes and create unique learning environments for students that utilize today's most innovative technologies. 

Our most recent 2012 grant has enabled the school district to introduce blended learning instructional models in six of its schools. These "Janus Blended Learning Lab Sites" are traditional classrooms that have been enhanced with online content and interactive technologies to create a more modern learning environment. Through Janus' funding, Denver Public Schools has purchased software, hardware, IT systems, data measurement platforms, professional development and staffing for the Janus Labs Sites, which are expected to significantly advance the learning potential for Denver's students.  Most importantly, the work enabled through Janus' investment will allow Denver Public Schools to develop best practices, case studies, and professional development/change management programs that will not only benefit public schools locally but will also be valued and shared nationally as other schools and districts around the country begin implementing Blended Learning practices.

The Janus Foundation is proud to build on its long history of supporting critical education initiatives by investing in the futures of our most valuable resource - our youth.

Challenging Others to Join Our Charitable Crusade

Over the past 12 years, Janus has extended its charitable reach outside the education arena through a unique national giving program called the Janus Charity Challenge. This program challenges triathletes of all abilities to combine racing with fundraising for the charity of their choice. To sweeten the deal, the Janus Foundation makes contributions to the charities of the top 43 fundraisers at each race in the Janus Charity Challenge program. Few other race-to-raise programs offer the same flexibility of choice, and none support and reward triathletes like Janus does. Over the years, the Janus Charity Challenge has helped raise more than $54 million for hundreds of nonprofits who are serving communities around the globe. 

Additional Ways We Give

In addition to these two major initiatives, the Janus Foundation supports the giving interests of our employees through a generous Matching Gift Program.  When they make a donation, the Janus Foundation gives in return.  Each employee is eligible to have their charitable contributions matched up to $2,000 in a calendar year.

Finally, through our Disaster Relief Fund, Janus is able to respond to the sudden and evolving needs of many communities and organizations at a moment's notice. In past years, our support has gone to relief efforts in response to Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the tsunamis in Japan and Thailand, local Colorado wildfires, and more.  

For more information about the Janus Foundation, please email Please note that we are not currently accepting grant applications.

A grassroots program at heart, the Janus Charity Challenge is designed to inspire others to become more actively engaged in philanthropy by serving the nonprofits closest to their heart. Its unique association with Ironman captures the passion and competitive spirit of endurance athletes and channels it into a passion for others. Since inception in 2001, the program has raised more than $48 million for hundreds of charities throughout the United States, serving people around the globe.