Janus in the Community

What We Believe:  At Janus, we believe investing is a two-way street. So we put our passion and commitment to work to help people reach their goals through our investment products as well as our investments in the community. In both cases our goal is the same - to make life, and lives, better.

Here we take a disciplined yet creative approach to making wise investments in the financial markets and meaningful investments in the community. Through our employee engagement initiatives, the Janus Foundation and our Corporate Sponsorship programs, we support a wide variety of programs to benefit the communities where our clients, shareholders, and employees live and work.

Denver educators and community leaders celebrate 20 inspiring years of the Janus Foundation and a successful second year of blended learning

Two Reasons to Celebrate at Recent Janus-Denver Public Schools Reception

With Janus CEO Dick Weil and Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg on hand, business, community and education leaders gathered to recognize the 20th Anniversary of the Janus Foundation and the second successful year of the Janus-DPS Blended Learning grant. Recognition was given to the DPS Core Blended Learning Team for the excellent work done over the past year.


"If you want the best of the future, you have to invent it."

Dr. Yong Zhao
Institute of Global Online Education
University of Oregon