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It’s always been our policy to find the smartest people in the business and give them the best tools. We have a dedicated group of experts on our Learning and Development team whose primary job is to build and share tools with our employees to help them succeed. These offerings drive the success of our employees by developing their knowledge, skills and business acumen.


We recognize the power in enabling our employees to explore alternate career options, take on new challenges and ultimately share their talents with other areas within the organization. Click on the stories below to learn about some of the specific career paths our employees have taken:

Kirk Reid - Senior VP Global Institutional Operations

Kirk Reid
Global Institutional Operations

Like so many here at Janus, Kirk began his career in Janus’ call center in 1995, just after college. But he didn’t stay in one place very long.

From taking on a variety of supervisor and manager roles to relocating to open a call center in Austin, Texas Kirk quickly began making an impact across the organization. After a few years, Kirk had another door open that enabled him to further develop his skill set as part of the Marketing team – an area he was completely unfamiliar with.

But, perhaps one of the most exciting opportunities of his career came when Kirk was asked to move to London for three months to build a non US operations team. As it would happen, three months quickly turned into a two-and-a-half-year assignment and ultimately Kirk was able to move his family to enjoy the experience with him.

“It was so valuable to see Janus through a lens outside of Denver,” said Kirk. “The culture here really is contagious even internationally, just with different nuances. There is a love for Janus, a love for what we stand for, and a consistent desire to serve our clients and that is so great to see.”

Kirk now works from Janus’ home office in Denver, CO and serves as Senior Vice President of Global Operations.

Haifeng Liu - SR. Investments Technology Developer

Haifeng Liu
Senior Investments Technology Developer

At Janus, hard work and results are rewarded. Whether a seasoned employee of 15 years, or a new addition bringing with them fresh ideas and innovation, Janus ensures that achievements are met with the recognition they deserve.

Haifeng Liu began his career at Janus in the summer of 2011 as part of the Investments Technology group. Immediately struck by the company’s culture, the collaboration between different areas within the business and the commitment to producing quality work ahead of any bureaucracy, Haifeng found Janus to be a perfect fit and quickly hit the ground running.

In his first year, Haifeng was able to fully act upon his creative and technical abilities by building a new proprietary risk management system, named Quantum, for the Fixed Income Team. He discovered that all doors are open at Janus and he was completely empowered to ‘do whatever it took’ to get the job done. This included moving his workspace closer to the trading floor to work directly with the head of Fixed Income Risk and his quants – which proved to be invaluable exposure.

“Above all else, it’s the people who make Janus great,” said Haifeng. “You are surrounded by exceptionally talented people who collectively produce incredible results”.

Quantum was well-received, providing the Fixed Income Team with an effective proprietary risk management system that verifies final portfolio construction and backs our fundamental credit research. His contributions were further recognized at the close of the year when he was one of two individuals to receive the firm’s “2012 Employee of the Year” award.

Demesha Hill - SR. Diversity & Benefits Specialist

Demesha Hill
Human Resources

Demesha is proof that once you team with Janus, you achieve long-term success. After having spent the early part of her career as a home nurse and in several retail management positions, Demesha joined the firm in 2000, contracting as a productivity analyst. She held and excelled in this position for one year before quickly being brought on as a full-time Administrative Assistant in 2001.

Supporting Institutional Sales, Demesha again moved up the chain as she was first promoted to Executive Assistant and ultimately to Office Manager. However, it wasn’t her day-to-day performance that enabled her to again move up within the company- it was her extracurricular involvement in the founding and development of Janus’ Diversity Program.

In 2004, Human Resources caught wind of Demesha’s involvement and decided to bring her on as a Diversity and Events Coordinator. Here, she continually took on additional responsibility, absorbing voluntary benefits and the health & wellness program, until once again her achievements enabled her to grasp a new opportunity as Janus’ SR. Diversity & Benefits Specialist.

“Developing relationships outside my department and finding ways to demonstrate my strengths and talents helped me to transition roles within Janus,” said Demesha.


Are you wondering what it’s like to work at Janus? Hear directly from Janus employees about their experiences and career paths by watching the videos below:

yvette mcneill

Yvette McNeill - Legal Manager


25% of all hires in 2014 were internal

61% of employees participated in a learning opportunity during 2013

Employees can receive $5,250 per year in tuition reimbursement