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CEO Dick Weil

Commitment to Diversity

A Message from CEO Dick Weil


It is through the diversity of our people — whose varied skill sets, backgrounds and cultures shape our outlook — that we are able to explore avenues and uncover opportunities unseen by others in our industry. Diversity can make us a more creative and effective company.

Diversity and inclusion at Janus are not about counting people, but about valuing differences and making sure every person counts. This guiding principle is at the foundation of our organization and is essential to our success. We embrace and understand our differences and continually identify ways to improve our cultural intelligence — ultimately leading to a better decision making and a more tailored client experience.

We’re not afraid of being different. Established more than 40 years ago, we have continually paved a road separate from that of our Wall Street counterparts. It was our unparalleled talent and independent thinking that initially equipped us to provide a unique level of in-depth investment research, and it is those same qualities that continue to fuel our innovative approach to investing.

To expand upon this success, we recognize the importance of continuing to develop a workforce that reflects the backgrounds and experiences of those we serve. One way we are accomplishing this is through our Employee Resource Groups, which offer coworkers with common interests or backgrounds the opportunity to meet on a regular basis. Through these groups, Janus is providing a platform for employees to network, mentor and affect the business through their thoughts and ideas, while also leveraging their knowledge and bringing educational opportunities to the firm on a regular basis.

Our people are our most important asset, and that is something worth investing in.

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To foster an inclusive workplace, Janus currently offers 13, active Employee Resource Groups that serve as networks for employees with common interests and backgrounds. These groups work to ensure our policies support all audiences, help to develop cultural acumen, connect Janus with different populations in the community and implement programs to better meet the needs of our people.

boat races

Dragon Boat Festival

Each year, Janus’ Asian Professional Alliance members sponsor a team to compete in the Dragon Boat Festival.

mlk lunch

MLK Luncheon

Coordinated by Janus’ Black Professional Network, employees march at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Parade.

breast cancer walk

Breast Cancer Walk

Led by the Women of Janus Employee Resource Group, employees rallied together to help find a cure for breast cancer.


High School Internships

Janus has partnered with the INROADS and Arrupe Work Study Programs to help bring corporate experiences to minority-based high school students.


Candidates interested in employment or internships are encouraged to view our job board and apply. Please refer to the job description for a comprehensive understanding of requirements and responsibilities. In addition, stand out to our recruiters by joining Janus’ LinkedIn community.