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There's No Secret Behind Our Employee's Success

It’s always been our policy to find the smartest people in the business and give them the best tools. We have a dedicated group of experts on our Learning and Development team whose primary job is to build and share tools with our employees to help them succeed. These offerings drive the success of our employees by developing their knowledge, skills and business acumen.

Career Development

At Janus, we recruit top talent but we also know that learning doesn't stop there. Through our Learning and Development team, we support employees at all levels by providing strategic development opportunities in four key areas: Leadership Development, Organizational Development, Professional Development and Required Development. This team also works with individuals and teams to create customized offerings. In addition, Janus offers internal internship and job shadowing opportunities throughout the year to help employees achieve their career goals.

  • Discover Janus: One-hour, interactive sessions that dive deeper into the most relevant industry and company topics. 
  • Business Acumen Courses: Offered in the class room and online, Janus provides a range of business acumen courses including "Mutual   Funds 101" and "Raising Capital"
  • Corporate Athlete: Geared to help employees manage their energy, not their time, and achieve their goals. 
  • Gear Up to Guide: Specifically for people managers, this course provides the training and resources needed to manage a successful team.

Tuition Reimbursement

Janus believes that enabling our people to achieve their goals and continue to challenge themselves benefits the long-term success of our business, and therefore our clients. To support this, we currently offer a Tuition Assistance Program that reimburses employees up to $5,250 USD per year for fees related to tuition and books for eligible degrees and programs. All undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees that pertain to your position or to the business of Janus are eligible. If your degree does not pertain to your position or the business of Janus, general education classes associated with that degree program are reimbursable.

Internal Internships and Job Rotation Programs

To help employees explore their interests and gain experience in different areas within the organization, Janus currently offers the following:

  • Discovery Internship: This internal internship is available to employees in the Mutual Fund Operations group and enables them to join   another department for a 4-month period to explore a possible career path. 
  • Tour de Janus:  Open to all employees, this program allows them to job-shadow and gain hands-on experience with a department of   interest. Employees are matched with their department for 2-4 hours per week for a 4-6 week period. 
  • Janus Quest: Through this program, employees participate in a 5-month experience, with a time commitment of 2-4 hours per week with   an assigned department. Each participant is assigned a mentor within the department and assists on projects, which an emphasis on   delivering results.

Service Awards

Janus investors recognize the value of hard work that delivers consistent results over the long term. It's what we look for in our products and it's what we ask of our employees. Our firm is unique in that we are able to foster this type of commitment and each year celebrate numerous anniversaries through our Janus Delivers program which recognizes employees who reach service milestones of 1, 5 10, 15, 20 and 25 years. 

  • The average tenure at Janus is 6.7 years. 
  • In 2015, 11 employees celebrated their 20th anniversaries with the firm and 3 employees celebrated their 25th anniversaries.


As a relatively small firm, Janus offers the opportunity to gain a wide-breadth of experience and to move up, down and across the ladder depending on where you interests and efforts take you. Our people are encouraged to act on their ideas and success is visible and rewarded.



The Coffee Talk Networking Program enables Young Professionals within Janus to be matched with a leader on a bi-monthly basis for an informal “chat” over coffee.

internal interships

Internal Internship Program

Janus Mutual Fund Operation employees participate in the annual “Discovery Internship” program where they are placed in another department for a 6-month period.

celebrating service

Celebrating Service

In 2015, 11 Janus employees celebrated 20 years with the firm and 3 celebrated their 25th anniversary. They were honored at a special reception.

career development

Development Courses

Each year, approximately 500 employees participate in learning courses designed to help individuals at all levels achieve their career goals.


Candidates interested in employment or internships are encouraged to view our job board and apply. Please refer to the job description for a comprehensive understanding of requirements and responsibilities. In addition, stand out to our recruiters by joining Janus’ LinkedIn community.