Experience A Whole New Approach

We're Not Your Typical Wall Street Firm

As a part of the Janus team, you'll be pushed to think outside the box and deliver new, innovative solutions to our clients.

Janus is a place where independent thinkers thrive. It's where a smart, disciplined and different approach isn't just welcomed: it's celebrated. And independent thinking is only half the story. We're strong collaborators. Creative problem-solvers. A hands-on team. Here, coming up with new ideas isn't enough; we rigorously analyze them from every angle to make sure we bring forward only the strongest ideas. We are here to find the best opportunities for our clients and help make them successful. That's been our passion for over 45 years. And it will continue to be our focus as we move forward.

A Culture Above the Rest

In the 2016 All Employee Survey, the Janus team took a moment to tell us why they choose to work for our firm. From the quality of their colleagues to a people-focused work environment, the comments highlighted what it is that makes us different. Check out The Top Ten reasons, straight from the source!


When you join with Janus, you gain the opportunity to work alongside some of the greatest minds in the industry as we continually raise the bar for our clients. You will love the place you work, and the people you work with, as you become a part of our community and discover the unique and energetic culture that makes us different.

You’ll experience:


Megan Hopps
“Janus is special because of the people that work here. Your co-workers become your lifelong friends.”

- MEGAN HOPPS Janus Intermediary Distribution


Haifeng Liu
“Above all else, it’s the people who make Janus great. You are surrounded by exceptionally talented people who collectively produce incredible results.”

- HAIFENG LIU SR Fixed Income/Quant Developer


“Developing relationships outside of my department and finding ways to demonstrate my strengths helped me to transition roles within Janus.”

- DEMESHA HILL  Janus Foundation & Community Relations Manager


“Janus has the right people in place to produce a great work environment and be successful. And, programs like the 14er hike enable you to be active and healthy.”

-  SPENCER PAGE  Regional Sales Director, Advisor Solutions Group


“What I like best about my job are the challenges. Each day I get to think creatively and prove that I can find a way.”

- ROHIT SHRESTHA  Software Developer



billion dollars in complex-wide assets, as of Sept. 30, 2016.


of open positions are filled by internal candidates, on average.


of external hires in 2016 were employee referrals.


Janus employees Worldwide.


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