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Market Perspectives 2Q 2014


Insight and outlook on global market sectors & key macroeconomic indicators

Equity: "Growing Season"
Fixed Income: "A New Frontier"

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Smart Beta? Shiny New Name or Genuinely New Idea?


The term ‘Smart Beta’ has recently established itself as the clear winner in the battle to become the investment industry’s preferred label for an eclectic mix of diverse investment strategies. The common thread linking these various ‘Smart Beta’ approaches is the objective of providing investors with a ‘different’ – but still systematic – equity exposure to that offered by traditional cap-weighted indices.

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Nowhere to Hide: Navigating Rising Rate Risk in High-Yield Markets

high yield

Over the past few years, investors have flocked to high-yield credit, many believing it a good way to mitigate their interest rate risk as well as capture additional yield. However, they may not realize the level of rate risk that has followed them.

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Health Care - A Shock to the System
In this edition of Analyst Viewpoints, Janus’ Brad Smith discusses the impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from a fixed income investor perspective with Client Portfolio Manager Cody Farmer.


Monthly Market Perspectives
Janus' company-informed outlook on the U.S. economy and key macroeconomic indicators, as well as perspectives from Janus equity team on recent topics of interest

March 2014 M&A: A New Rx for Specialty Pharma | Weather Delays

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A Gross Underestimate: Why We Believe Bill Gross' Investment Outlook on Equities is too Pessimistic
As we enter 2013, we felt it would be an appropriate time to revisit one of last year's most controversial predictions of future equity performance. We acknowledge that equities in general may not continue to deliver the same real rate

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Analysis Tools Powered by Morningstar®


An enhanced, integrated Janus and Morningstar experience where you can compare mutual funds and perform portfolio analysis

- Fund vs Fund
- Portfolio Analysis
- Portfolio Comparison

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The Science of Negotiations


Enhance your ability to negotiate with clients, vendors and peers.

Program Takeaways:

-Uncover your preferred bargaining style
-Understand key success factors to help make you a better negotiator
-"Learn by doing" - conduct an actual negotiation and get constructive feedback
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Periodic Table of Investments

This chart depicts the advantages and disadvantages of diversification versus performance chasing over the last fifteen years.

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Setting Expectations

Match Your Expectations with Your Time Horizon

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Emotional Cycles of the Market

Market volatility can leave investors feeling uneasy about the choices they've made. Help them stay committed and keep emotions in check through market ups and downs.

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Janus Labs: The Art of WOW


Taking the Client Experience to Another Level

This program takes client experience to another level by teaching practical techniques for cultivating emotional bonds with clients.

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