Investor Education

These resources are for financial professionals only.

Taking the Long View

Attempting to time the market is a risky proposition. Promote long-term investing over market timing and encourage investors to get off the sidelines.

Setting Expectations

Help investors align their expected returns with their investment time horizon. Examines the average annual return for the S&P 500® Index over the last 31 years (1977-2015).

It’s All Perspective

Look at the bigger picture and put short-term volatility in perspective by explaining long-term investment focus.

Emotional Cycles of the Market

Market volatility can leave investors feeling uneasy about the choices they’ve made. Help them stay committed and keep emotions in check through market ups and downs.

A Positive Perspective

Illustrates the number of positive performance years for the S&P 500® Index outweighed the number of negative years from 1931 through 2015.

Spreading It Out

Help investors understand that over time, Dollar Cost Averaging may result in a lower cost per share versus making a lump sum investment.

Recession Recovery

Shows how markets have recovered after recessions and the importance of not leaving money on the sidelines.

Periodic Table of Investments

This chart depicts the advantages and disadvantages of diversification versus performance chasing over the last fifteen years.

The Potential Strength of Equities

By looking at the value of a hypothetical investment of $1 into stocks, Government Bonds and Treasury Bills, you can see just how differently the $1 grew in each investment (1926-2015).