As of 5/26/2017
As of 5/26/2017
Featured Funds
INTECH Emerging Markets Managed Volatility FundUS Fund Diversified Emerging Mkts$10.40$0.000.00%15.68%9.40%1.13%
INTECH International Managed Volatility FundUS Fund Foreign Large Growth$8.40-$0.02-0.24%15.07%0.87%0.87%
INTECH U.S. Core FundUS Fund Large Growth$20.22$0.020.10%10.49%0.68%0.68%
INTECH U.S. Managed Volatility FundUS Fund Large Blend$10.50$0.000.00%8.70%0.65%0.65%
Janus Adaptive Global Allocation FundUS Fund World Allocation$10.58$0.000.00%8.40%1.39%0.92%
Janus Asia Equity FundUS Fund Pacific/Asia ex-Japan Stk$10.92$0.030.28%23.11%3.19%1.32%
Janus Balanced FundUS Funds Allocation-50% to 70% Equity$31.41$0.040.13%7.69%0.67%0.67%
Janus Contrarian FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Blend$20.09-$0.03-0.15%3.56%0.63%0.63%
Janus Diversified Alternatives FundUS Fund Multialternative$10.12-$0.01-0.10%0.60%1.40%1.26%
Janus Emerging Markets FundUS Fund Diversified Emerging Mkts$9.58$0.010.10%20.05%1.60%1.40%
Janus Enterprise FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Growth$106.88-$0.17-0.16%12.25%0.78%0.78%
Janus Flexible Bond FundUS Fund Intermediate-Term Bond$10.40$0.000.01%2.29%0.56%0.56%
Janus Global Allocation Fund - ConservativeUS Fund World Allocation$12.71$0.000.00%6.63%0.89%0.89%
Janus Global Allocation Fund - GrowthUS Fund World Allocation$14.00$0.000.00%9.80%0.98%0.98%
Janus Global Allocation Fund - ModerateUS Fund World Allocation$13.14$0.000.00%8.15%0.97%0.97%
Janus Global Bond FundUS Fund World Bond$9.50$0.000.01%4.01%0.80%0.68%
Janus Global Life Sciences FundUS Fund Health$52.07-$0.33-0.63%14.97%0.78%0.78%
Janus Global Real Estate FundUS Fund Global Real Estate$10.91-$0.02-0.18%7.40%0.98%0.98%
Janus Global Research FundUS Fund World Stock$72.80-$0.07-0.10%14.92%0.69%0.69%
Janus Global Select FundUS Fund World Stock$14.98$0.030.20%15.41%0.75%0.75%
Janus Global Technology FundUS Fund Technology$29.02$0.040.14%25.30%0.80%0.80%
Janus Growth and Income FundUS Fund Large Blend$49.10$0.050.10%7.76%0.72%0.72%
Janus High-Yield FundUS Fund High Yield Bond$8.55-$0.01-0.10%3.57%0.70%0.70%
Janus Overseas FundUS Fund Foreign Large Blend$30.11$0.020.07%18.59%0.52%0.52%
Janus Real Return FundUS Fund High Yield Bond$9.46$0.000.01%1.78%1.51%0.42%
Janus Research FundUS Fund Large Growth$44.22$0.020.05%14.72%0.77%0.77%
Janus Short-Term Bond FundUS Fund Short-Term Bond$3.03$0.000.00%0.97%0.65%0.54%
Janus Triton FundUS Fund Small Growth$26.59-$0.01-0.04%11.40%0.78%0.78%
Janus Venture FundUS Fund Small Growth$72.47-$0.03-0.04%10.34%0.77%0.77%
Perkins Global Value FundUS Fund World Stock$14.19-$0.04-0.28%9.74%0.69%0.69%
Perkins International Value FundUS Fund Foreign Large Value$11.07-$0.03-0.27%13.89%2.31%0.95%
Perkins Large Cap Value FundUS Fund Large Value$16.22-$0.02-0.12%4.85%0.73%0.70%
Perkins Mid Cap Value FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Value$17.21-$0.01-0.06%4.24%0.51%0.51%
Perkins Select Value FundUS Fund Mid-Cap Blend$13.58-$0.04-0.29%4.22%0.88%0.72%
Perkins Value Plus Income FundUS Funds Allocation-50% to 70% Equity$11.65$0.000.00%3.43%1.21%0.77%

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Effective March 30, 2017, Janus International Equity Fund was liquidated. (View the Fund's prospectus.)

Effective May 1, 2017, Janus Twenty Fund merged into Janus Forty Fund. (View the Janus Twenty Fund's prospectus.)

Effective May 1, 2017, Janus Fund merged into Janus Research Fund. (View the Janus Fund's prospectus.)