Janus Global Technology Fund (JAGTX)

Investing in Companies that Benefit from Technology Innovation



Inception Date12/31/1998
NAV (As of 12/8/16)$24.33
Total Net Assets (As of 10/31/16)$1.29B
Annual Expense Ratio
(As of fiscal year end 9/30/15)
GROSS 0.95%
NET 0.95%

Performance (As of 9/30/16)
1 Year25.37%
3 Year13.54%
5 Year17.48%
10 Year11.05%
Morningstar (As of 11/30/16)
Overall Rating™
(Based on risk-adjusted returns)

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Client Commitment

This global growth fund invests in companies that create and benefit from advances in technology. We invest in companies we believe to be resilient and smaller positions in companies that have optionality—meaning large potential upside under a specific scenario. This fund seeks to provide strong long-term returns with volatility characteristics on par with its peers.

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Why Invest in the Fund


Technology is dramatically impacting every sector of the global economy. The Fund seeks to invest in growth companies driving this innovation or benefiting from advances in technology. Common characteristics of an investment include a culture of innovation, long-term focus and attractive relative valuation.


Our dedicated team of technology analysts is embedded deeply within the sector, approaching research as an industry participant. In this complex and rapidly growing sector, it is critical to have experienced investors working to evaluate the impact of disruptive technologies and actively aim to identify both winners and losers.


The Fund takes a thoughtful approach to portfolio construction as the managers invest in companies believed to be resilient, as well as smaller positions in companies that have optionality—meaning large potential upside under a specific scenario. Through deep research and disciplined portfolio construction, the Fund seeks to deliver strong, risk-adjusted returns over time.


Disciplined Portfolio Construction Seeking to Balance Risk Between Resilience and Optionality
Janus Global Technology - Disciplined Portfolio Construction Chart
*Predicted Risk Contribution is calculated using the Barra risk model, which is multi-factor and based on long-term trends with the most weight given to the more recent data.


Brad Slingerlend, CFA

Brad Slingerlend, CFA

Fund Manager since 2011
Industry since 1999

Brinton Johns

Brinton Johns

Fund Manager since 2014
Industry since 2001

Denny Fish

Denny Fish

Fund Manager since 2016
Industry since 2004


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