Janus Global Bond Fund (JHBTX)
Global Multi-Sector Approach, Dynamic Core Holding



Inception Date12/28/2010
NAV (As of 4/24/15 )$10.01
Total Net Assets (As of 3/31/15)$350.45M
Annual Expense Ratio
(As of fiscal year end 6/30/14)
GROSS 0.99%
NET 0.92%


Distribution Yield at NAV (As of 3/31/15)

30 Day SEC Yield (As of 3/31/15)
with waivers
without waivers

Distribution FrequencyMonthly
Performance (As of 3/31/15)
1 Year2.10%
3 Year3.18%
Since Inception4.24%
Morningstar (As of 3/31/15)
CategoryWorld Bond
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(Based on risk-adjusted returns)

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Net expense ratios reflect the expense waiver, if any, Janus Capital has contractually agreed to through 11/1/15.

Straight Talk

Chapter 1 (1 of 5)

Global Investing

Global fixed income can be an important diversifier for your portfolio.

Chapter 2 (2 of 5)

Opportunity and Risk

Understanding credit metrics and fiscal health is essential in global fixed income investing.

Chapter 3 (3 of 5)

Rising Interest Rate Risk

The ability to diversify across multiple yield curves can help mitigate interest rate risk.

Chapter 4 (4 of 5)

Global Landscape

It’s important to recognize the difference between aggressive satellite global fixed income strategies and true core holding fixed income products.

Chapter 5 (5 of 5)

Finding a Solution

The Janus Global Bond Fund is a multi-sector global fixed income portfolio designed to weather a full market cycle effectively.

Quarterly Commentary - Q1 2015


Central banks around the world boosted monetary stimulus during the period. Yields of eurozone sovereigns fell in particular.

The Fund outperformed its benchmark,with positioning in currencies, sovereigns and corporate bonds contributing.

We expect central bank divergence to continue to fuel market volatility. While we are cognizant of downside risks,we still see opportunities in the European and U.S. fixed income markets.


Christopher Diaz, CFA

Fund Manager since 2011
Industry since 1997

Gibson Smith

Fund Manager since 2010
Industry since 1991

Darrell Watters

Fund Manager since 2010
Industry since 1986