Janus Adaptive Global Allocation Fund (JVGIX)

Global Allocation Fund Informed by Views on Extreme Market Movements



Inception Date6/23/2015
NAV (As of 4/27/17)$10.36
Total Net Assets (As of 3/31/17)$54.81M
Annual Expense Ratio
(As of fiscal year end 6/30/16)
GROSS 1.39%
NET 0.92%

Performance (As of 3/31/17)
1 Year8.93%
Since Inception2.07%
Morningstar (As of 3/31/17)
CategoryUS Fund World Allocation
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Returns quoted are past performance and do not guarantee future results; current performance may be lower or higher. Investment returns and principal value will vary; there may be a gain or loss when shares are sold. For the most recent month-end performance click here.

Returns greater than one year are annualized.

Net expense ratios reflect the expense waiver, if any, Janus Capital has contractually agreed to through 11/1/17.

Client Commitment

This global allocation fund seeks to provide investors total return by dynamically allocating its assets across a portfolio of global equity and fixed income investments, which may involve the use of derivatives. The Fund is designed to actively adapt based on forward-looking views on extreme market movements, both positive and negative, with the goal of minimizing the risk of significant loss in a major downturn while participating in the growth potential of capital markets.

Why Invest in the Fund


With diversification across global assets and a philosophy concentrated on avoiding large drawdowns while participating in upwards moving markets, the Fund presents a potentially attractive anchor portfolio for an investor. We aim to provide better returns than a 70%/30% global balanced portfolio with lower volatility.


Market environments are constantly changing and no two time periods will ever deliver the same experience. We embrace this concept and as such, do not use average risk/return measures in our process, rather we focus on extremes.


We measure both extreme positive and negative movements known as expected tail gain (ETG) and expected tail loss (ETL). Portfolio construction is driven by the ratio of ETG to ETL, while targeting a desired level of portfolio risk with the goal of maximizing terminal value for investors.


Enrique Chang

Enrique Chang

Fund Manager since 2015
Industry since 1988

Ashwin Alankar, Ph.D.

Ashwin Alankar, Ph.D.

Fund Manager since 2015
Industry since 2001



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