Sales Ideas

A fact-based analysis of market trends.

International Equity

Janus Global Life Sciences Fund

Think Health Care Has Run Its Course? We Don’t.


Perkins Global Value

Navigating the Two Paths of Equity Markets Around the Globe

Mid Caps Sweet Spot

Are Mid Caps the Sweet Spot of Equities?

We believe the mid-cap space is compelling for a few reasons.

Active Share

How Correlated to Equities is your Bond Manager?

The risks associated with more aggressive fixed income sectors are often illuminated during periods of market stress.

20 Years of Dynamic Allocation

Janus Balanced Fund

20 Years of Dynamic Asset Allocation.

Back In Black

Janus Balanced Fund

A look back at the power of dynamic allocation during the financial crisis.

defensive approach


(Missing) The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

High Conviction

Janus Flexible Bond

Taking Advantage of Market Conditions in Fixed Income Investing

Balanced Fund Flexibility to Adapt to Market Conditions

Janus Balanced Fund

Flexibility to Adapt to Market Conditions

change factor

Janus Contrarian Fund

Change-Factor Investing Provides Opportunities

FI 25 years

Janus Fixed Income

25+ Years of Strong Results

short term bond fund

Janus Short-Term Bond Fund: A History of Positive Returns

A short-term bond fund should provide investors with capital preservation, consistent risk-adjusted returns, and an appropriate level of income.

International Equity

Why Active Share Matters

Assessing Outperformance of Active vs. Passive Management

Janus Flexible Bond

Managing Interest-Rate Risk in a Rising Rate Environment

The role of active fixed income as a potentially defensive, liquid and transparent portfolio anchor remains steadfast - despite evolving interestrate risks in the marketplace.