Self-Assessment: Bargaining Styles

Without giving the matter too much thought (and without revising your answers for any reason), please select ONE STATEMENT in each pair of the 30 statements. Select the statement you think is more accurate for you when you face a disagreement with someone else - even if you think neither statement is very accurate or both are very accurate. 

Think about such situations in general - not just ones at work or at home. And don't pick the statement you "ought" to agree with - just pick the one your gut tells you is more accurate most of the time. Some statements repeat, but do not worry about answering consistently. Just keep going. All answers are equally "correct" in some circumstances. Your selections will be summarized at the end of the assessment displaying your Bargaining Style.

Select one statement in each pair


Results: Bargaining Styles Self-Assessment

What's your dominant style?

  • Loves the negotiation game
  • Great at positioning; gaining leverage
  • Thinks 'outside the box'
  • Great for complex problems
  • Seeks quick, fair resolution
  • A great 'closer'
  • Prefers peace and harmony
  • Tactful and diplomatic
  • Thrives on relationships
  • Enjoys helping others

Evaluating your scores on the Bargaining Assessment

  • Scores in the 70% or higher area signal a 'strong inclination' to engage in that type of behavior in negotiations
  • Scores in the 30% or lower area signal a 'weak inclination' to engage in that type of behavior in negotiations

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