Negotiation skills are non-negotiable.

Great negotiations start with learning how you negotiate best. It's a process, a style, and a science.

Begin the Science of Negotiations Program

Here you'll identify your own negotiation style and how to use that to your advantage.

...Credibility, based on evident sincerity, is the most important single asset of a good negotiator.

— G. Richard Shell

Negotiating well is a key component to building your business. Meaningful conversations with your clients are even more important in the current regulatory environment, especially when you are in the midst of transitioning to a fee-for-service model.

Success in negotiations is a key skill for every professional. This interactive program, developed for Janus Labs by Richard Shell of the Wharton School of Business, uses this latest research to explore each individual's personal biases and styles in negotiation.

The program provides key tools to help you plan and execute negotiations at home and in your professional life.

Discover Your Personal Negotiation Style

  • Uncover your preferred bargaining style
  • Understand the key success factors that can help make you a better negotiator

What's Your Bargaining Style? What is Your Client's Bargaining Style?

  • Competitor?
  • Avoider?
  • Collaborator?
  • Accommodator?

Find Out!

Find out more about Janus' Science of Negotiations Workshop and request a Negotiation Style Assessment from your Janus Director. Developed by Professor Richard Shell at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the assessment can help you determine your bargaining style. Adopting the negotiation style that fits you best can help assure clients of your sincerity and help you identify the negotiating style of others.

Your Janus Director is ready to help; contact us for more information.

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Is there a skill more vital to your professional development as an advisor than negotiating? Dr. John L. Evans Jr., Director of Janus Labs Professional Development, shares how being a strong negotiator can help your business.

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