How does your team work?

Extraordinary Results

How does your team work?

Is it compounding your business returns... or spontaneously combusting with the simplest of tasks?

What makes elite teams deliver great results while others never seem to quite come together? Great chemistry is the key to teams that work. And great chemistry doesn't just happen naturally, it needs to be cultivated. Through research and partnerships with leading experts, Janus has isolated the core elements that impact team chemistry.

This flexible, ongoing curriculum will help you combine these elements to transform your team for extraordinary results.

Three core modules include:

Compelling Catalyst

Defining the WHY that drives, motivates and supports resiliency

What drives you? What motivates your team? We're so focused on WHAT we do; we forget to tell the story about WHY we do it. And that matters MORE. This is why: Value propositions don't move people. A great story about the WHY of your business does.


Enhancing an individual's impact on team chemistry

Do you know what you don't know about you? Time to find out. Surprisingly, many people don't have a good idea about who they are, how they act, and how their behavior is coming across to the people that matter — their bosses, their colleagues,their clients ... even their families. By nature, we can't see our own blind spots. That's why we have to ask. Greater self-awareness makes successful people more successful.

Focus Discipline

Developing effective habits for optimal synergy and results

Is it time to "one thing" your practice? By focusing your team on one thing you will cut through to-do clutter, achieve better results in less time, reduce stress, increase fun, master what matters, and build huge momentum toward your goals! Learn to do one thing — not one more thing. Success often depends on focusing on the one right project at the one right time and having the power to say no to everything else.


By finding your WHY, you'll be in a much better position to develop effective value propositions, build business and help clients navigate the changing regulatory and economic climate. Find out more about Janus' Elements of Extraordinary Teamwork,including help finding your signature story, evaluating your self-awareness and your team's shared awareness and learning to focus on the WHY.

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