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The Art of WOW is the springboard into driving extreme client loyalty. Here you'll learn how to use your A-game to go above and beyond for your A-level clients.

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Here you'll learn how to use your A-game to turn your A-level clients into raving fans.

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Summer is in full swing! And with it are some creative opportunities to WOW your top clients.

It's Time For a BBQ! - Celebrate summer and help your top clients kick back and enjoy time with family and friends by sending them a collection of favorite grilling and BBQ recipes. For your top clients, you can go a step farther with a BBQ gift basket, complete with a variety of gourmet sauces and rubs, grilling utensils, a BBQ mitt, perhaps even a personalized grilling apron, and an invitation to a fun weekend BBQ event.

Ice Cream to the Rescue... - A great way to mitigate the summer heat is to "break" out the tasty, refreshing ice cream! Help your clients become a super hero to their children/grandchildren with gift coupons from a local ice cream shop, or gift cards from a national outlet such as Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins. A fun and nostalgic relief from the heat!

Business Just Got Personal

The stories of WOW can help you generate a WOW of your own. Listen to advisors share their thoughts on how WOW has fueled their practices.

Financial advisor Thom Fross is driving extraordinary business growth by thinking outside the box to create and deliver great client experiences.

Financial advisor Brian Grogan shares how he has built his practice by deepening his client relationships through "The Art of WOW".


That was my client's catchphrase. While on vacation, I came across a painting that said those very words...


Just another day in paradise.
An owner of a large company, he was working 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Still, every time someone asked him how things were going, he had the same congenial, sincere, and chipper reply, "It's just another day in paradise."

One summer, while I was vacationing in the Florida Keys, I stumbled across a gift shop. Inside, I saw a painting of a beach scene and my hard-working client immediately came to mind. Why? His "paradise" catchphrase was showcased on this print. So without hesitation, I purchased the artwork and sent it his way. By coincidence, it arrived on his birthday.

But even more surprising, I walked into his office and saw an almost identical painting hanging next to it. Turns out, my client's 13-year-old daughter saw the very same painting online awhile back. She couldn't afford to buy it for her dad, so she painted it herself. It was a magical, inspiring and emotional coincidence. It was a true WOW.