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We believe that GRATITUDE can empower financial advisors to attain striking advantages in business through capturing and retaining client relationships.

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A classic house warming WOW idea

I met recently with a VIP client that has yet to do much business with me. In our last meeting I told him that I am appointing myself as his WOW Czar and that I wanted a project.
With some reluctance, he mentioned a big client of his that had just purchased a new home. He wanted to do something and asked if I thought he should take them a potted plant as a house warming gift.

I told him that this is a perfect opportunity to do something much more unique and emotionally engaging than a fern. I suggested that a customized tool box with all the items that a new home-owner might need (small hammer, pliers, caulk, blue tape, picture hanging kits, level, measuring tape, etc.) would be infinitely more memorable. I helped him put together the kit and we even ordered an engraved name plate for the front of the toolbox. I reminded my client that now his client will remember him every time he reaches for the tool box to hang a picture or tighten a screw… because how many of us have a personalized, engraved toolbox?!?

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Getting Ready for Fall — WOW Opportunities

  • Fall Family Activities - Organize a pumpkin picking event, family hayride or corn maze visit at a local farm. Your client's children and grandkids will love it. Make it even more festive with apple cider and hot chocolate, and perhaps a small gift bag for the kids!

  • Recognize Constitution Day (Sept 17) - Constitution Day and Citizenship Day is a combined event that celebrates the signing of the final draft of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. Join your clients in honoring the significance of this day by sending them a special edition pocket sized booklet that contains The Constitution of the United States (including The Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27) and The Declaration of Independence. (

  • National Breast Cancer Month - Recognize National Breast Cancer Month (October) by sending a handwritten note in honor of a survivor, or make a donation on the client’s behalf.

  • World Series Party (late Oct) - Any major sports event can create a great opportunity to gather people together to watch a big game. Invite your sports-minded clients to one of the final World Series games. A local party store will have thematic party supplies, and you can decorate with pennants of the competing teams. Serve hot dogs, nachos, …even some crackerjacks! Have some souvenir baseballs handy, you may even be able to locate a local sports celebrity that could sign autographs and take some photos with you and your clients!

  • Personalized postage stamps for greeting cards - Personalizing stamps with a family photo is a fun way to surprise and delight clients – something they may enjoy using on their card mailings for the upcoming holidays. Simply contact your top clients asking them to send you their favorite picture in 2016 in a jpeg file. Go to and click on create photo stamps and upload each photo. Allow 2 weeks turnaround.

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