Good enough isn't.

We believe that GRATITUDE can empower financial advisors to attain striking advantages in business through capturing and retaining client relationships.

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Giving thanks doesn’t stop at a kind word. Learn how to use your gratitude A-game to turn A-level clients into raving fans with the Art of WOW online suite of resources.

The WOW Journal

A thriving advisor in Fort Worth, Texas, stumbled into a compelling WOW opportunity. Not long ago a top prospect of hers indicated that he was going on an extreme Canadian hunting trip. He was very excited. The advisor, having a mindset for WOW, seized the opportunity with a brilliant idea. She got him a journal, and personally delivered it to him at his home the day before the trip. Being an "act of service" type, this gesture alone was powerful. But the home run came when the prospect returned from the trip, took the advisor to lunch, and read her some of the journal entries about his once-in-a-lifetime adventure. She won him as a client, and she now operationalizes WOW by giving every top prospect or client a journal prior to their departure on their own special getaways. In each journal, she writes a personalized message on the opening page, and she keeps a stack of the books on hand at the office.

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We aim to help our clients ignite (or re-ignite) their acquisition efforts and build a “tribe” of loyal clients.


The start of a new year provides an opportunity to hit the reset button. Find ways to support your top clients' resolutions, e.g. deliver a pedometer to someone starting a new exercise program or send a healthy recipes cookbook to a client who wants to establish new lifestyle habits.
Perhaps your client needs some help planning for success throughout the year. Consider the 2017 planner from InnerGuide. Going beyond a traditional planner, the InnerGuide offers planning tools and exercises to help clarify personal and professional goals and lay a strong foundation for a meaningful and productive year.

  • Tax Relief Kit  -  Help relieve the stress that the tax season brings to your CPA contacts and brighten their day by sending a "Tax Season Survival Kit" to their offices. The kit can contain a variety of relief-related items such as aspirin, snacks, candy, coffee, cookies, stress relief teas, microwave popcorn, eye relief aids, and whatever else you wish to include. Presented in a custom gift basket with a thoughtful note, it is sure to be an appreciated and remembered gesture.  

Business Just Got Personal

The stories of WOW can help you generate a WOW of your own. Listen to advisors share their thoughts on how WOW has fueled their practices.

Financial advisor Thom Fross is driving extraordinary business growth by thinking outside the box to create and deliver great client experiences.

Financial advisor Brian Grogan shares how he has built his practice by deepening his client relationships through "The Art of WOW".