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The Art of WOW is the springboard into driving extreme client loyalty. Here you'll learn how to use your A-game to go above and beyond for your A-level clients.

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Giving thanks doesn't stop at a kind word. Here you'll learn how to use gratitude to use your A-game to turn A-level clients into raving fans with the Art of WOW.


My client’s eldest son was playing in a baseball championship game …

When I am aware that a client is visiting Colorado with family, I’ll traditionally suggest some great hiking trails and a list of the amazing scenery that we have to offer. Being one of the first calls that I’ve had with this client, I didn’t have much additional information aside from him mentioning his son Peyton’s recent baseball championship game. It was evident throughout the call that his family is very important to him. Wanting to know more, I researched the game and found an article that was printed the day after his son’s team won the championship, including a quote from Peyton after hitting the winning home run. I framed a copy of the article with a photo from the paper of his son’s home run swing. It was a true WOW.

The WOW moments don’t end there …
When my client arrived in Colorado, I had Janus Patagonia vests for him and his family waiting at the hotel. Each vest was labeled with a family member’s name – he has 5 kids, in addition to his wife. Another WOW!

My client and I continue to have a great relationship and he sends pictures of his family all the time. He is a loyal customer to Janus and me.

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Summer is in full swing! And with it are some creative opportunities to WOW your top clients.

People love getting outdoors and firing up the grill….It’s Time For a BBQ!

Celebrate summer and help your top clients kick back and enjoy time with family and friends by sending them a collection of favorite grilling and BBQ recipes. For your top clients, you can go a step farther with a BBQ gift basket, complete with a variety of gourmet sauces and rubs, grilling utensils, a BBQ mitt, perhaps even a personalized grilling apron, and an invitation to a fun weekend BBQ event.

  • Grilling Gift Baskets - Grilling gift baskets are known to produce great grilling moments!

  • Personalized Grilling Apron - Get cookin' with your own custom aprons. It's easy to add your personal touch to make novelty aprons with photos, messages or whatever.

  • Provide a plain white apron and some indelible colored markers for kids or BBQ guests to sign or write a note. - Creates a great and lasting (and recounted) memory of the occasion!

  • Sportula grilling products - The Sportula is a heavy duty stainless steel grilling spatula that is perfectly designed for the Ultimate Tailgater, with your favorite team emblem laser-cut on the face of the spatula. They also carry specialty designs.

More Summer Ideas:

  • Local/Regional Client Event Opportunities - Check out local venues and activities to organize your own family events for top clients or prospects such as...
  • A Day at the Zoo
  • Picnic/BBQ party in the park or on the beach
  • Amusement park fun day for the family
  • Chartering a boat for a sunset cruise
  • Baseball game
  • Movie night at a local theater
  • Music festivals and local events/celebrations
  • Ice Cream to the Rescue… - A great way to mitigate the summer heat is to “break” out the tasty, refreshing ice cream! Help your clients become a super hero to their children/grandchildren with gift coupons from a local ice cream shop, or gift cards from a national outlet such as Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins. A fun and nostalgic relief from the heat!

  • Mobi Dri Running Towel - The patent pending mobi dri is not just a waterproof towel. It has been designed to dry you both on the go and after the go. So light you will never know it's there - until you need it. Tuck it, loop it, stow it. mobi dri is your weapon of choice in wet warfare.

  • Rite in the Rain Journals and Notebooks - Rite in the Rain is a truly amazing paper that is created specifically for writing field notes in all weather conditions; from the torrential downpours of the Pacific Northwest to the blistering heat and humidity of a Florida summer's day. Excellent for boat and dive logs, hiking, and all outdoor activities.

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