Brinton Johns Portrait

Brinton Johns

Portfolio Manager & Equity Research Analyst

Joined in 2000, Industry since 2000


Brinton Johns is a Portfolio Manager responsible for co-managing the Janus Global Technology strategy and all related portfolios. He is also an equity research analyst, primarily focusing on technology companies, and serves as a team leader of the technology sector research team. Prior to becoming a research analyst in June 2006, Mr. Johns was a research associate supporting the Janus technology team where he monitored electronics, software and alternative energy. Mr. Johns joined Janus in May 2000 providing retail client support and became a research associate in August 2003.

He received his bachelor of business administration degree in business management from the University of Texas at Arlington and a master of arts in biblical/Christian studies from Denver Seminary. Mr. Johns has 16 years of financial industry experience.