Team Managed

The INTECH Research Team is overseen by the Portfolio Oversight Team, headed by Adrian Banner, Ph.D.


INTECH Investment Management LLC uses an investment process based on a mathematical theorem that attempts to capitalize on the random nature of stock price movements. The theorem is the result of research conducted by Dr. Robert Fernholz and published in his 1982 paper, "Stochastic Portfolio Theory and Stock Market Equilibrium." The goal of the investment process is to achieve long-term returns that seek to outperform the benchmark index, while controlling relative risk and trading costs.

A team of investment professionals consisting of Adrian Banner, Ph.D. (pictured), Vassilios Papathanakos, Ph.D., Phillip Whitman, Ph.D. and Joseph W. Runnels, CFA works together to implement the mathematical investment process. The process includes other investment professionals in the firm who jointly handle the day-to-day portfolio management. The Research Team is comprised of Ph.D. mathematicians and physicists whose responsibilities include continual review of the investment process to attempt to implement engineering enhancements and/or to develop new product capabilities.